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L9 ELO Boosting

With a team of 70 experienced ELO Boosters who are ranked at Grandmaster/Challenger consistently, we supply our customers with the most satisfaction from our LoL Boosting service.

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24/7 Live Support

24/7 Live Support

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Top Tier Streamer ELO Boosters in NA and EU

ELO Boost features

Customizable Features including Pause & Play, K/D/A Fixing, Summoner Spell Selection, Express Priority, and more!

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Boosters Ready to Start within 5 minutes

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Tens of Thousands of Loyal Customers

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Joining our LoL Boosting Team is not very simple. We go through a very strict application to make sure we only work with the best. We have a cut-off rank at Grandmaster to apply and have the application looked at. With an acceptance rate of 5%, we usually take in one Booster a month if any and the underperforming boosters will be replaced, making our team consistently up-to-date with the meta. You can apply to become an ELO booster by clicking Join Our Team.

safe & secure ELO Boost

We ensure every LoL Boost order is treated equally in terms of security. We can operate with VPN according to your location or Offline Mode on request. We have a very loyal customer base with tens of thousands of orders completed without barely any issue. Every boost is completed to the satisfaction of our customers. For more information, go to our Frequently Asked Questions.

Our services are available 24/7.

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Competitive Prices

Cheap prices can lead to lower quality work and lower your account’s safety. Here at L9EB, safety is our first concern, Boosters don’t get paid if your account is in trouble so ensure that your account is in proper hands. We offer competitive and fluctuation prices for High Quality and Reliable ELO Boosting services. After our partnership with YouTuber “League Recap” we have gained a loyal following that knows how we operate and will return to us because of starstruck services. Ensure that our prices are not that far off of our competitors.

*Streamers and some Requestable Boosters charge more.

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After purchasing, you are instantly redirected to your Order Dashboard, where you can track all of your Order Details, whether it's ELO Boost or LoL Coaching, you will be able to communicate with the persosn responsible for your order without wasting any time!

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