All Submissions are confidential and will be reviewed only by our management team.

L9 Boosting has available job positions, we offer a fair chance to join our team,

if you think you will be a great addition to our team and are looking for a reliable paying job,

then please do not hesitate to contact us!

When your application is sent in, it will be reviewed within 24 hours, and you will get a reply.

If you are serious about being apart of L9 Boosting Team, send in your application and you could potentially be joining our team.

We work with famous streamers and guests occasionally , we will not tolerate anything unprofessional.


High Pay % Cuts , Friendly Community With Other Boosters , No Late Payments , Friendly Service ,

One of the Best Boosting Groups Reputation and the Opportunity To Work Alongside Season 6 Rank 1 Player.

We never fire without pay, you deserve what you boosted for.

*special circumstances do apply* 70-90% Payout *depending on age, experience , performance on boosts*

80-100% Pay during RUSH ORDERS *orders that are required to be done on a specific date ,

end of season or with extreme account circumstances*


We have a very strict application session , please link your OP,GG of ALL your owned accounts .

We will be checking OP,GG , Interviewing , Test Games , How our team accepts you and more...

If you do not qualify for the following ranks , please do not send an application to join our team ,

you will be likely be ignored. We receive an average of 25 applications a month , and usually only 1 makes it in.

- Grandmaster NA/EUW

- Challenger Top 25 EUNE

- Challenger Top 25 LAN/LAS/OCE/BR

If you do not get a reply within 24 hours , you are most likely not accepted. We here only hire the best of the best.

We have a total of 3 cuts that you must make before you are accepted into a team. First cut is the requirement cut: Typically if you have a main account at Grandmaster in NA/EUW you will make this cut 90% of the time. Second cut is to compare with 5 other applicants. These applicants are wanting the same job as you and have similar rankings. We will compare and thin out whenever a new applicant applies. The weakest applicant out of the 5 will be cut out. ( Keep in mind that you will not be notified in this process ). Cut three is the final interview / talk , some personal questions may be asked of you and you are to wait until we reply in a hiring wave. We will not hire until we are needed , so if you make the team you might need to wait.

Keep in mind that we will eliminate 1 or 2 employees ever so often so we can have the best output possible and keep our team up to date. Meaning the weakest performing employees will be replaced by incoming applicants for a fair chance.


Check all that apply

Check All That Apply

This is where you impress us on why we should consider taking you to be apart of our L9 Team.

Please link your main account and your smurf(s).

Please include you going onto your main account , take a picture of your profile tab without hiding characters and play a Ranked Game on your main while taking a picture in game and after game ends.
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