Manager/CEO of L9 Boosting

Hi, my name is Danny. I created L9 Boosting group. I work as manager/owner of the business and as customer support, so if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me through discord at Danny #6510, live chat support or email us!

Special Guest : Tarzaned

L9 Boosting is approved by @lolTarzaned himself. Tarzaned is a jungle main who has achieved Rank 1 on the NA ladder during Season 6. Tarzaned is now a streamer who plays to climb the ladder and have informative gameplay. He can be requested to be your booster with an increased price (his prices are online).

Special Guest : KatEvolved

Challenger Katarina 1 Trick , he streams at and is a part of our community to chill.

Special Guest : League Recap

The Infamous Series - Made by League Recap himself, is associated with us , he is a part of the community to chill and have a good time! Psst *video sponsor might be coming soon*

Special Guest : Zwag

Zwag is known as "Best Xerath NA" or "Rank 1 Xerath" . He is popularly known for being on Pants are Dragon's video and duo for many famous streamers. He is known for his insane Xerath gameplay. Some say that he is a scripter but he is just that good of a player. He currently is working as a Booster and a Coach, prices for him will be up soon!

Special Guest : Damir

Known for his Kha'Zix gameplay, Damir is a Challenger Kha player and streams at He is known for his insane gameplay and high winstreaks including his all time highest 60-0 . Owner Danny has personally smurfed with Damir and he is in the community to have a good time.

Season 7 MVP Booster: Bobby

Fastest Order Completions , Highest WR ,and Favorited by clients.

Special Guest: Duoking1

Known for reaching Rank 1 twice in Season 7. Duoking 1 AKA "Consensual Clown" is a guest in our Discord!

Special Guest: Fragas

Fragas has hit Rank 1 in Season 8 , known for his jungle Ivern and Singed at the time , is a special guest in L9 Boosting.

Special Guest: Stevens Jax

Stevens Jax has hit Top 10 with multiple smurf accounts , known for his high winratio Jax and Draven hitting the 80's in masters and higher is a special guest in L9 Boosting.

Special Guest: Lovely Design , GFX Designer. Follow her on Twitter , commissions are open!

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